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 Criosphinx here

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PostSubject: Criosphinx here   Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:28 am

Hi, the names criosphinx or Crio for short.pronounce it however you like.
im 21, love gaming but love paintballing even more.
as of right now looking to add some people for some online gaming.could always use more peeps on BF3.
work part time for now while in school. studying to be a cop. more specifically a state trooper. Illinois state!
hopefully, and this is a thing i hope to make a get into a camaro 2012 1LT (RS).
i would love it if i could before the end of the year.but it looks like i will by jan of 2013.
as for online stuff, i love to do tactics on BF3. playing a team based game with people who like team based play makes the experience better i say.
so if you in to that sort of stuff. add me yo. Criosphinx.
i play all sorts of games. but i am picky.i hate RPG's, but i love ME 2, 3.. i hate COD but i love BF3. like i said...picky with games
nice to meet you all.
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Criosphinx here
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