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 Little Big Planet PS Vita Beta Review

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PostSubject: Little Big Planet PS Vita Beta Review    Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:58 am

First of all thank you to everyone on this killer site! As we are all PS Vita lovers and it shows. I would Like to state first that this is the best version of LBP ever made! The touch controls add to the game play and don't over do or take away from it. And the graphics are pure PS3 quality! This game will be a system seller Elron has spoken lol! farao And again thank you one and all of my Vita brother's and sister's! My psn is: thetruthho Sorry to dissapoint everyone but I'm not willing to take the risk of Sony coming after me! And they can should they so choose as I and everyone else in the beta agreed to their terms and conditions so that's why I won't be going into detail or making a video. I have 3 kids to care for and no time for drama. And for everyones info the last update we received was to prepare the vita for the PS1 games, YouTube, and other apps. Not to mention our CPU's were slightly overclocked for improved graphics. But don't take my word for it look at the graphics of your psp games and see how much more worse they look. Two more notes before I kick rocks. If you love your vita get the NyKo Power Grip as I did! It not only looks cool but also makes your Vita last 3 time's longer as it's a battery pack aswell! Talking 12hrs or better battery life here so it's a must have and cheaper than the price of Sony's portable chager! Here's a link below so that you can view it.

Also Get rid of your factory PS Vita charger as it's pure crap. Mine had the wires wearing threw the rubber and started over heating and almost caught my Vita on fire! It was by pure luck that I smelled smoke and saved my Vita in time. And unfortuneately my brother in laws plug is doing the same thing! Here is the replacement charger I bought and yes it's by NyKo and better and cheaper than Sony's and come's with a car charger. It's called the Power Kit, and it's is made with far more quality than Sony's! Link Below
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Little Big Planet PS Vita Beta Review
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