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 The Red Ninja Review: "Uncharted:The Golden Abyss"

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Devin aka The Red Ninja

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PostSubject: The Red Ninja Review: "Uncharted:The Golden Abyss"   Mon May 28, 2012 12:41 pm

What's up guys, its your boy Devin aka The Red Ninja with a review of "Uncharted:Golden Abyss", developed by Bend Studios. This branches off from the very successful PS3 franchise that has received many game awards over its lifetime. Is this roadtrip edition worth your time and money? Read on and find out.


The story is set some time before "Uncharted:Drake's Fortune", you play through this mission, then at the end, you are apparently killed by a RPG explosion. Then it flashes back to about two weeks before, you play through some stuff, then you meet this girl named Chase. You learn her story then you and her go on a adventure to find some lost city (kinda ripping off National Treasure), then you find it and shit happens, happy ending as always. If you want a full story spoiler, you can find it on Wikipedia.

When i first set my eyes on the game, i was amazed at how the graphics were taking full advantage of the OLED screen and enhanced rendering hardware, i mean, it wasn't like 720P or anything, but it was excellent graphics for a portable device. The game does very well of presenting a beautiful scenery that gives you an eyegasm over and over again, the fire looks pretty convincing, along with the detail in the foliage and water, its a very graphical experience. I would have to give it a 5 out of 5 in graphics.
Im not going to lie, i wasn't impressed with the overall gameplay of the game. The game doesn't have climbing up frozen trains hanging off cliff (Uncharted 2), it doesn't have freefalling out of airplanes (Uncharted 3), its more compared to Uncharted 1. The whole game is set in a forest or temple sort of setting, and there isn't much "OMG!" moments that the Uncharted series is known for. The melee system is a very dissapointing aspect, as you've seen from Uncharted 3 and its bar fights. Instead of a attack chaining system, it trys to utilize the touchscreen, but it ruins the fun of fighting with your hands at the same time. And some of the shoot outs that you have will leave you wanting to throw your Vita across the room, especially when you encounter a juggernaut with a chaingun. I sadly have to give it a 3 out of 5 for gameplay. Its somewhat fun, but it isn't something you'll play 5 times over again.
Playstation Network
This is perhaps the most dissapointing news, there is NO multiplayer of any kind at all. The only network feature is a stupid Black Market feature where over NEAR, you can trade bounty items you collected on your journey. This category gets a 2 out of 5.
The Final Result
This games gets a 4 out of 5 overall, but its one of those games you'll end up selling at Gamestop to get a new game because it doesn't offer anything but a story mode.

If you liked my review then feel free to follow me on twitter (@devinspell), you can also find me on Youtube (search for Devinnspell). I'll see you guys later and be watching for more reviews from me, The Red Ninja.
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The Red Ninja Review: "Uncharted:The Golden Abyss"
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