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PostSubject: ''JOIN THE REVOLUTION''   Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:44 pm

Greetings, dear members of PSVita Hub ,

We are a small team coming from PSVitaTurkey.(Don’t get us wrong, we are not trying to advertise it.) We want to remind you a portable console which has been forsaken by Sony: PS Vita

Actually PS Vita could have been a legendary handheld console; just like its predecessor, PSP. It has revolutionary features like; 5-inch capasitive touchscreen, Quad-Core CPU and GPU, dual analog sticks, rear touch pad etc. Also, the launch titles were enough for a new console. And the game varieties were increasing day by day since its release.

But Sony messed up this beautiful combination of Hardware, OS and User friendly UI. The reason, you ask, was also Sony's fault, making mistakes like less advertising, causing insufficient sales and clearly creating a game shortage. And nowadays only JRPG and indie games make their way to Vita. Don't get us wrong, but not every Vita user has to love these kinds of games. As Vita users , we actually want good quality games from every genre that we can be proud of. But unfortunately we're not getting what we want.

To be honest, Sony got us into a vicious circle. "No AAA class games, if no AAA games , there is no sale , if there is no sale, there is no AAA games." And it goes like this. And right at this point, there comes our project. Our aim is to revitalize PS Vita. But at first we'll need lots of supporters. And those are you! All we want from you is to be with us and help us with "our" battle.

Yes, you read that right, this is a battle against Sony Because that's the only way Sony will ever hear our voice. As a team, we have been discussing and planning all of this in-depth for about 1 month. So this is the route that we planned to follow as we revolt against Sony:

Firstly; we will ask for support from all Vita users worldwide (We are at this stage right now.). When we have enough supporters to defend Vita, we'll submit a topic about that We want the AAA-class games support back, and that we want Sony to revitalize PS Vita , in Playstation Forums. After that we need to do our best, we are going demand our supporters to make promotive commentary on the opened subject. This way, we'll show our insistence to Sony. If they try to delete the post or supress us, we'll go for social media raids at scheduled dates. Those raids will go on until Sony replies offically.

But all these are up to you. Vita's future, is up to you. If you're a volunteer to save Vita, JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

Hey,you. The one who reads this ‘’Help Call’’ right at the moment. Are you with us?

If you read this long text, thank you already. That's all from us for now. But for now. We are going to update the text to inform you in near future.

Revolution Team.

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PostSubject: Re: ''JOIN THE REVOLUTION''   Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:01 am

Is there any thread where i could get constant information about this? i'm 100% into this, guys Very Happy
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