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 Psvita, how it should try and succeed!

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PostSubject: Psvita, how it should try and succeed!   Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:12 am

As everyone knows, the market for portable handhelds really aren't there. to be honest I believe the vita should try and compete into the handheld and tablet market by offering features such as this,

1. PDF support
2. Word proccessing, presentation software
3. combine with google play store to offer many apps for users who like that sort of gameplay.
4. variety of colours available in every country

and basically do anything a tablet can do as well as a games console! bounce Very Happy 
This would give people another choice for what they could choose, so instead of high end tablets, they can have a games consoles with the ability to do all of the work and play on it as well Smile because PSVITA was meant to relate to everyone's LIVES (vita-life) so this should be a necessity!
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Psvita, how it should try and succeed!
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