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PostSubject: FIENX of ANALBROS   Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:08 pm

Hi everyone, this is FIENX and I was just saying hi! I don't know how active this forum is but hopefully it takes off because I don't know where else that would be a good place to discuss vita gaming.

Introduction! I run a local gaming network called ANALBROS which is short for Analog Brotherhood (it's supposed to be funny so calm down). We do comedy as well as reviews and blah blah blah. Basically we just try to entertain people, and recently have made the decision to go on youtube, so as soon as I get some vids uploaded I'll link that in my SIG.

I was born with a controller in my hand. I grew up on SNES and then actually had my own console around the generation of the Genesis. Never had my own N64 though I did play my brothers CONSTANTLY. I am a huge fan of Zelda and thus have the Triforce of wisdom tattoo'd on my right hand. I plan on getting a full sleeve filled with the Sage Emblems as well as the Hylian crest on my bicep. I want to try and convince my fiance to get a heart container on her arm and I get 3/4 completed heart pieces on mine, or we could split and do half but she doesn't play Zelda so I think it would cooler as a thing she does for me.

I am a PC gamer more so now than anything. I have a Vita however and I love the thing. My only problem with console gaming is the player base. I get in games where people are just there to be pricks and "troll" (god how I hate the troll generation) and thus they ruin my experience. That or they complain about how their team is bad but they are the ones doing poorly. I mainly play Battlefield 3 but I have 100's of games that sit in my download queue until one of my friends wants to play with me. I use steam and my profile name is vdoctorsatanv if you care to add me. Will add that to my sig too.

I hope to frequent these forums often since I am hugely impressed as well as excited on the way that the Vita has been developing, and as a game designer in training and general gaming enthusiast, the capabilities of this device is outstanding, leaving a lot of room for creativity as well as straight processing power.

My favorite games on the Vita as of now are:

Dungeon Hunters (it's tedious but I love the Diablo 2 style gameplay, also I can never play with anyone Crying or Very sad )

Persona 4 (loved this game when it was "Shin Megami Tensei" and it still gives me hours of play to date)

Disgaea 3 (kind of weird that D4 wasn't made instead of this one but it's great for killing time on road trips, flights or long hotel nights)

BlazBlue Continuum Shift EXT (I love anime and BlazBlue just hits me in the heart when it comes to that. I'm awful at the game but I love the style and that makes me play it anyway)

Super Stardust Delta (This one is a kind of love hate relationship for me. It's kind of boring sometimes but other times it's super fun. It's one of those that you sit down and play for 10-20 minutes waiting for a bus and then turn off your Vita to continue it later)

And of course there are PS1 titles that I love but sticking straight to Vita I will leave those for another time.

Well I hope that gives you a decent idea on who I am and what I'm about. I hope to make a couple good friends on here and hopefully play some damn games already!
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