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 E-Reader capability with PDF support.

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PostSubject: E-Reader capability with PDF support.    Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:40 pm

The manuals for the games all read very well and the text scrolling is extremely fluent (much better than I've had with some actual reading tablets). If sony were to partner up with Barnes and Noble or some other similar company, they could easily make money on digital reading material. E-Books are small files also and wouldn't take up very much space on the memory card, so you could have a library of books within a few hundred megabytes of storage. I know that if they don't end up doing this on their own that eventually I will break down and jailbreak this device so I can add 3rd party apps and just pay some programmer to hack the software already in place to support external files.

I really like where the Vita is headed and I don't think this is too far off but the whole thing is whether or not they even think of the idea. I'm going to email them and hopefully they can get the concept going in their head.

What do you guys think?
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E-Reader capability with PDF support.
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